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Promise Wine

Our vision is to make world class artisan wines from amazing American vineyards in California. We have a deep respect,  passion and love for the Napa and Sonoma Valleys and are grateful to work with the wonderful people that make up this amazing wine community.

Promise Cabernet

We started with our namesake more than a decade ago when we harvested our first vintage in 2004. Having a great reverence for the first growths and other amazing wines of Bordeaux, we aspired to someday be recognized along side these renowned offerings. The intention has always been to find that magical tension between flavor, depth, balance and structure.  With very limited production, we practice focused micro farming techniques, and age the wines for 30 months in new barrels from the famed Darjanou & Taransaud cooperages. This helps us achieve the flavor, complexity, and age worthy juice we desire. We have been fortunate in the tremendous ovations our namesake wine has received, and in turn, the demand it has generated. All of the current release 2016 wine is allocated via our mailing list.


Thank you for your interest in our wines. We are very fortunate that demand for these wines exceeds our production. If you would like to acquire an allocation please click here  Allocation Sign Up

Promise "the gratitude"

“Gratitude is thankfulness, enjoying life, and being happy with what you have.” -Macie McPherson, age 12

“Gratitude is what you are. You don’t think twice about what you don’t have, you think about what you do have.”- Kayley McPherson, age 10

Gratitude versus everything. That's our motto... Dedicated to our children and our blessed time in France is Promise Wine’s Bordeaux-style claret blend, meaningfully called “the gratitude”.  With this offering, our intent was to emulate the wonderful first growths of the Paulliac region. We spent years looking to source the right component fruit and are thrilled to finally have found all the pieces of this wonderful puzzle. This wine is comprised of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot all from Napa Valley. Launched with just 50 cases in the 2014 vintage, we have continued to keep production extremely limited based on what our exquisite sources yield.  

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We are very fortunate that the demand for our wines exceeds the limited supply, but we are always looking to welcome new people to our community. To find out more about Reserve Membership and Allocations please sign up here Allocation Sign Up

Promise "the joy" Rosé

Inspired by our love for the Southern French bottlings like Domaine Ott and summer days on the coast, we launched our third offering, which we lovingly refer to as our "Pinky Promise". While most Rosé is a bleed off or bi-product of other wines, a practice called "the saignée method", we meticulously craft our Rosé from the berry to the bottle. We micro-farm and harvest the fruit specifically for our Rosé program to achieve the best results and the most expressive wine. Bright and playful flavors of tangy strawberries, pink cherries and delightful citrus notes will dance across the palate. The mouthfeel is fresh, crisp, and bright. This is a sophisticated wine and a sure fit to pair with all your summer delights...though we drink it all year round!

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Promise "the love" Pinot Noir

Growing up in Paris, France, my father got me hooked on the magical wines of Burgundy. Jennifer and I have always been mesmerized by bottles from legends like Leroy, Jayer, Ponsot and Romanée Conte. In many ways, we believe that Burgundy is the most "terroir" driven region in all of France. Therefore, finding just that perfect site was of paramount importance to us and took more than a decade to secure. Our passion for this varietal has led us to work with the Bucher Vineyard in the Russian River Valley, where elite fruit yields wonderful balance between juicy acidity and rich deep complex flavors: something all memorable Pinots must possess. After many years of searching for the right vineyard for the project, we are excited to have finally released this Pinot Noir.

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