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Promise Wine

A Promise Made and A Promise Kept

PROMISE Wine is truly the physical manifestation of a lifelong dream that came about because of a beautiful commitment I made to my amazing wife Jennifer.

On our wedding day more than fourteen years ago, I married the love of my life and, sharing my passion, she made me promise her that I would someday pursue my dream of making wine. Jennifer is a great partner for me, and more than anything her love, support and wisdom have given me balance and allowed me to realize what's important in life. It was these very gifts that catalyzed this whole journey.

Together we are blessed to have created a beautiful life, cherishing each other, our two girls, loving family, wonderful friends and careers that have reaped great success and rewards. Yet, working in the entertainment industry I realized that I had been caught up in a work induced "race to nowhere".  My spirit was depleted. It was Jen that helped me understand what was real, that there was more out there, more fulfillment to have, more impact to make, more life to live. In working to help restore balance in my life, she has taught me to remain passionate about the things that are truly meaningful; my family, my friends, the dreams we hold dear and for me of course wine.

It has been a wonderful ride thus far. On behalf of everyone in the PROMISE Family, we are deeply grateful to all those who have helped us on the journey. We feel like we are just getting started.

Always Drink The Good Stuff First,