' Promise Wine - The story behind Promise Wines "First Growth" Cabernet Sauvignon
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The Promise

A Promise Made to Create an Artisan Wine

PROMISE is the result of a commitment I made to my amazing wife Jennifer to pursue my love of wine and the extraordinary friendship of Rich Frank that has allowed us to together realize this dream.

On our wedding day more than nine years ago, I married the love of my life and, sharing my passion, she made me promise her that I would someday pursue my dream of making wine. Jennifer is a great partner for me and more than anything her love, support and wisdom have given me balance and allowed me to realize what's important in life. It was these very gifts that catalyzed this whole journey.

Together we are blessed to have created a beautiful life, cherishing each other and our two girls and having careers that have reaped great success and rewards. Yet even with a wonderful family and loving friends, working in the entertainment industry, I realized that I had been caught up in a work induced "race to nowhere" that while successful, lacked fulfillment. I sensed there was more for me to do, more fulfillment to have, more impact to make. In working to restore balance in my life, it has been most important to remain passionate about the things that are truly meaningful; My Family, My Friends, the dreams we hold dear and of course wine.

Creating a world-class Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

The story of PROMISE is also one of great friendship. This would never have been possible without the incredible partnership, support, love and guidance of our dear friend Rich Frank. Jennifer and I were married at Frank Family Vineyards in the summer of 2004 and along with Rich, we brought in our first vintage of fruit from “The Heart Block”, the manicured old vines in the center of his Winston Hill Vineyard on his magical Rutherford Estate. We are forever indebted to Rich for all that he has done.

PROMISE Wines are truly the physical manifestation of a lifelong dream. When we started this passion project almost a decade ago our goal was to make the very best artisan wine we could from this esteemed terroir, considered by many to be an American “First Growth” planting. With great reverence we aspire to someday be recognized along side the renowned First Growths of Bordeaux as well as the rare and much sought after California Cult Cabernets of Napa. We have a great respect for the work that entails and remain passionate in this pursuit. It has been a wonderful ride thus far and on behalf of everyone in the PROMISE Family, we are deeply grateful to all those who have helped us on the journey. We feel like we are still just getting started.