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2007 Promise Harvest

Heart block vineyard
The tree that overlooks the "Heart Block" vineyard.
Heart block vineyard wine
The "Heart Block" vineyard.
Ripe cabernet sauvignon
Ripe cab grapes, moments before picking.
Promise cabernet sauvignon
Harvesting grapes for Promise cabernet
All grape clusters are lovingly picked by hand.
Promise wine harvest
And hand-carried to small transportation bins.
Cabernet sauvignon grape
A single cab grape - the essence of the Promise.
Pressing the grapes
The first grapes arrive.
Todd Graff winemaker for Promise
Todd examines them as they drop gently into the de-stemmer.
Destemming winegrapes
Getting ready to be de-stemmed.
Promise wine
Grapes go to the line, stems out the side.
Picking grapes
The crew picks out the "jacks" - all the green
stuff we don't want.

Steve Mcpherson promise wine
Steve helps on the line.
Promise cabernet winemaking
Garbage from the line.
Promise cabernet grapes
Keeping up with the grapes - it's an all day affair.
Destemming winegrapes
It looks dangerous - but
the grapes are actually gently pushed into the tanks.
Promise wine
The first destination for the grapes.
Steve Mcpherson promise wine
Steve takes a break from the line and checks email.
Promise wine cabernet
Then he checks the "cap."
Frank Family oak for Promise wine
Eventually, the wine will
end up in French oak
barrels alongside Frank Family Vineyards barrels
in the cellar.
 2006 Promise Cabernet Sauvignon
A barrel of Promise 06, patiently waiting its turn.
 Steve Mcpherson, owner of Promise Wine
The keeper of the Promise, Steve samples the fruits of his labor.



Photos courtesy of Andy Berkenfield.